3 Lucrative Tips on Organizing Delivery Process at Your Magento Store

Delivery seems to be one of the last stages of a purchasing process, so a common mistake for site owners who use Magento platform for maintaining their online shops is to leave delivery options without proper attention. As a result, almost half of purchasers abandon their carts because they are not content with delivery time and ways to choose it.

After that they are not likely to visit your shop again, as they have spent plenty of their time on check out, but were disappointed and don’t want to be disappointed again. This way delivery is much more important than it looks from the first sight, and measures should obviously be taken to optimize and systematize the process of choosing delivery time.

If your want delivery process to be efficient and lucrative at your Magento store, please follow these three steps:

  1. Make it easy to choose precise date and time of delivery. Magento delivery date extension makes it perfectly easy – there is a calendar providing dates and periods of time which can be indicated by a customer. It also allows displaying only time and dates, which are really available so that visitors clearly see what their choice is. It is also preferable that they see dates available during checkout – that will make the process easier and faster.

  1. Available time slots and next day delivery are among most frequently mentioned options customers want to see at online shops, by the results of surveys. Giving a chance to choose not just a precise time, but a period 1 to 3 hours long makes delivery more flexible and convenient for both customers and sellers.

  1. Magento delivery messages which are supported by Magento delivery date extension, simplify the ways to connect shop owners and their customers. No more telephone calls – every bit of information you need to know for perfect delivery will be left there, making it an incredibly useful option.

These simple steps are not hard to implement – simple extension installation will give you all these and some other useful opportunities to improve delivery process. Don’t underestimate it – the faster and quicker the process of setting delivery time is, the higher is customers’ satisfaction, which is exactly the thing that will make your Magento online store popular and profitable.

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