3 winning tips for using email marketing for small businesses

Often ignored, but email marketing can be a really great online tool for lead generation and thus sales enhancement. Though it has the capacity to be a great tool, especially for small businesses, it’s a long term marketing technique. It’s not something that ensures overnight result. It rather requires a well-planned strategy and it is always worth the effort. Whether you deal in real estate Mumbai or a simple SEO company, the strategies should be fundamentally same.

Here are the three fundamental yet powerful tricks you need to consider to get started with positive email marketing.

  • Do research – Small businesses just jump in and try possible tricks they know about email marketing for list building and here they often fail. This is ineffective as hitting people from different angles with no proper plan may dilute your message and hurt your reputation. To avoid this, you should do thorough research to see where your target customers is handing out on the web, how to reach it with a proper message that makes them sign in for your list and how to combine your online efforts with offline efforts.
  • Choose a good service provider – As the next step, you should select an email marketing service provider that could make it easy for you to gather and manage your contacts, create customized email text, send the messages to target audience and finally check the results on a regular basis. A good service provider would provide you with an intuitive dashboard to let you have access all these features from a single place. But before hiring a service provider, make sure you shop around and compare. You may find ample of features and different price points that can be really overwhelming. The only and the best way to figure out the must-have features and the less important ones, you need to look at some popular email marketing plans and create your own list of features.
  • Know the rules – There are a number of rules that you must be aware of before you send your emails. First of all, you should abide by general email etiquette that includes checks such as ensuring your message can be viewed in different email clients, using lucid language and testing the messages to verify if the links are working properly and the images appear as you wanted. There are some more serious rules you should adhere to. And such rules are part of CAN-SPAM law which was designed to protect customers from being sent unsolicited emails from the marketers.
  • Create proper growth plan – After you’ve done with the framework for your email list including an idea of your target audience, a marketing service set up and prospective leads, and clear understanding of email rules, you start building your own list that can be done in a number of ways. All you need to take some trial and error to discover the perfect mix of strategies. Once you’re done with it, you can grow your list in a stable pace.

Apart from above-mentioned strategies, the best thing you should do regarding email marketing is to be steady and consistent in how you convince your prospects to sign up, the messages you send and protect your subscribers’ privacy.

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