Don’t Know How to Code? Then You Should Definitely Use Website Builders

You know what is great about the Internet nowadays? There are so many opportunities to get ourselves out there. Whether you are a blogger who wants to share your opinions and ideas or a budding entrepreneur wanting to build a strong presence, there will always be an audience for you online. Starting a website is as easy as visiting a hosting company like Crazy Domains and purchasing a domain. However, there is only one problem: not a lot of people can code.

Yes, there are coding academies out there that offer online courses so you can learn how to develop and design your own website. But that will take up too much of your time which you could just spend on product development, especially if you are a start-up entrepreneur still learning the ropes. Not to mention, hiring a designer might mean spending money that you might not have on hand as of yet.

The process to create a website from scratch will take a couple of months, and if you are pressed for time, this is just not a practical option. Which means you will need to resort to using a website builder. You will have time to learn about coding in the future, and you will be able to afford a designer once you get your bearings. But right now, the best option are website builders. Do not worry though, there are advantages to choosing them over creating a website from the ground up.

It is readily available

Most Internet domain registrar and web hosting companies offer website builders. In fact, it is part of the package that they will offer you. Apart from being able to purchase your domain, you can get bandwidth, storage, maybe a business bundle, and website builder tools. So right after you register your domain, you can create your website after just a few steps.

Simple drag and drop

With website builders, you literally do not have to write a single code. Not even the simple <bold> or <ital>, you just have to choose a template, then drag and drop features that you like. Some people think that choosing templated designs might be meant that their website will look just like any other. The thing is, you can still make templated designs look uniquely you. Other than website features, you can actually move things around on the website. Which means you can transfer the navigation tab on the side, you can highlight images on the first fold and more.

Templates are built for ease of use

Website builders are not just easy to use on your end, but the templates were created to make sure that visitors will have an awesome user experience. Remember that templates were created by professional designers. They know industry best practices and which designs will make navigating your website intuitive and easy.

Cost and time efficient

It is so cost efficient that there are some website builders that are actually free. Of course, some features may not be available to you if you choose the free option, but at least it is there when you are strapped for cash. However, even if you pay for it, the cost is so minimal you would not even feel it. As a tip, when you purchase domain and hosting, make sure to take full advantage of the web hosting company’s website builder tools because that is a service they freely offer to their customers. Additionally, your website will be done in under 3 hours if you already have a design in mind. All you need to do is choose the colours you want, the font, and upload the images you want to highlight on your website.

So if you are ready, consider using a website builder to make it easy for you to launch your very own website. Good luck!

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