Don’t Let Your Local Website Drop Into Irrelevance

Web design is constantly evolving. Not only are aesthetics changing, but so are the mechanics of it. The forward-facing elements of web design are in the look. The look will be determined by the styles of the age. As of yet, there is no ‘classic’ look to a website.

The code behind the page is different. There is no going back when it comes to actual web development. The technology and software move forward. Either you go with it or just linger in obscurity. Even worse, maybe you’ll have just to cancel the domain because the website can’t sustain itself.

There are no derelicts on the internet like there are buildings on our streets. Failure and outdated websites get swept away. Just like that, gone. So how are you to make your website memorable? How do you get local people on your side?

You’ve got to have your hook. A gimmick that will keep the eyes on your site. Your hook can be anything so long as it’s interesting. Even if you’re selling something, have a reason for people to come.

What you find interesting might not be what other people find interesting. Do something outside your comfort zone. Make sure your web design intrigues people. Utilize sound, video, and animation.

Functionality is king too. It doesn’t matter if you’re dazzling your audience if they can’t find anything. Likewise if it doesn’t work on their tablet or phone.

Being findable no matter what is what makes a long lasting website. You don’t want to be wiped out of search engine results in five years time. There are two ways of ensuring your relevancy doesn’t wane.

First of all, keep people talking about you. Don’t allow your content to go stale. Make it exciting and provocative for all. At the very least, let it function with the bare minimal of what people go to see.

Secondly, utilise SEO. SEO is vitally important if you operate locally rather than globally. Local SEO from the likes of will keep you recognised. Even if people talking about you has waned, SEO can help you hang on to your search engine place while you rebuild your brand.

If people are looking for what you provide in your area, they’ll find you. Don’t sink onto page two or three of search results.

Do not outlive your usefulness. If the audience can get the same content but better elsewhere, they will. If you’re selling a product, don’t be beaten on cost or quality. Take real pride in what you’re providing.

If you want to force home the locality of your site, don’t try and create it as a global site. The world may have access to it, but they are not your audience. Celebrate your area.

Use it as a marketing tool. Say you are a local brewery. List the pubs in the immediate area that have supplies of your beer. If you’re an independent cinema, list the films made in the area.

Don’t pretend you’re a world brand when you’re not. Make the most of where you are.

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