Graphic Design Still Matters

The internet is a fast changing environment where what’s hot and what’s not can sometimes shift completely at any moment. Some may feel that in these days when people are being increasingly encouraged to resort to DIY website building solutions that traditional graphic design is going to eventually become extinct. But the good news is that this is not necessarily so, because like many trends on the internet, this DIY fad is likely to burn out before it gains too much momentum.


The truth is simple: people will quickly realise that although they can build their own websites and create their own graphics, most of them actually shouldn’t because they’re completely lacking in talent to do either one. Unfortunately for web users, it may take a little bit of time before all those talentless hacks actually get around to noticing their lack of ability. But it is nonetheless completely inevitable that eventually “amateur hour” will be over and then we can all get back to business as usual.

For any business, good graphic design is essential. It is what separates professional and quality services from amateurish buffoons. For the buying public, this is a key factor in determining which businesses they are going to trust when it comes to handing over their money. No matter what kind of business you are in, the graphic design that represents your company is the most important ingredient in your potential for success.

According to UK-based graphic design agency Bulldog Graphic Design London, the goal for business owners must be to ensure their brand is presented in the right way, because first impressions are everything.

Graphic design is about more than just logos, although of course the logo is a really important part of the brand image and is the most powerful marketing tool you possess. Yet graphic design also encompasses other things, including typography selection, design of infographics, and design for things like brochures, business cards, newsletters, posters, signs, and of course web pages.

The actual images are only a small fraction of the graphic design process. For example, consider the space that surrounds the image. This can be just as important as the image itself, and sometimes may be even more important. Page layout, margins, borders, white space, images, text, and the overall balance are all very important aspects of information architecture. Graphic designers must be masters of all these things, even if in the end they spend most of their time creating images.

Rumours of the death of graphic design are greatly exaggerated because even though technology continues to make it increasingly easy to perform tasks that once were very difficult, it still can not instill the actual talent required to make somebody competent at using these tools to create something of significance.

This means the technology is a great time-saving aid for those who are already highly talented and capable of producing results even without the technology, but for everyone else these technologies are little more than expensive toys with a steep learning curve, a lot of frustration, and ultimately disappointing results.

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