High security data disposal systems

100520-N-8913A-096By availing the high security data disposal systems, it is possible to eliminate the data in a foolproof manner. The equipment that handled private information should be decommissioned in a systematic manner. There should be secure decommissioning, disposal and recycling system. If you let Hard Drive Shred to 6mm Size, no trace of information will be present in the system. The items that are covered under the data disposal system include hard drives, data tapes, tablets, handheld devices, servers, CCTV and surveillance systems, networks switches and routers, electronic payment devices and command and control systems.

The benefits of high-end decommissioning systems

By utilizing the high-end decommissioning systems, you will undertake servicing from a company that deals with a single hard drive to minute part of a helicopter. There will be data bearing as well as non-bearing elements. The services will be offered at customer location. All the work will be done at your premises. The inventory cataloguing and the shredding equipment will take place at your premises. You will get a data destruction certificate as well. If you would like to avail audible disposal and recycling service, the same can be availed from the service provider. In such cases, detailed reporting, method statement and the final outcome will be passed on to the clients.

High quality data shredding service providers will comply with ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. The service provider will carry WEEE and environment agency approvals. If you are committed to take utmost care to the sensitive information, you will certainly make the most by utilizing the highest quality shredding services.

The asset disposal and recycling will be handled in three grades. They are SME grade, HMG grade and Military grade. SME grade is suitable for small businesses. All the basic legislations will be complied through this grade. Corporate clients can go for HMG grade disposal and recycling. Defense and other establishments can opt for Military grade so that highly sensitive information will be destroyed in an efficient manner.

Data destruction methods

There are various kinds of equipment used in the data shredding process. A lorry mounted or facility based shredder can be used to accomplish Hard Drive Shred to 6mm Size. Memory sticks, hard disks, compact discs and handheld devices can be processed in this manner. The metals and plastic that will be collected in this process will be sent to the recycling plant. Even though the standard size of the shredded particle is 25 mm, it can be shredded to the extent of 6 mm. There will be great satisfaction to customers as the process is visible and done in front of the client.

Degaussing mobile equipment is used for shredding which is a process approved by CESG. By using the degaussing process, the functioning of the hard drives and data tapes will be altered. This kind of equipment is suitable for any kind of magnetic storage media. Drives can be dismantled so that component will go through easy sorting. It is possible to increase the strength of the magnetic field and various items can be degaussed and shredded. This kind of equipment is best suitable for government applications.

By using CESG approved software, it is possible to overwrite the software. In this way, the functioning hard drives, memory sticks and PDAs will be destroyed in an efficient manner. It is possible to reuse the same drives without destroying them physically. It is possible to set a limitation on the number of overwrites. If you would like to wipe off the data from hard drives which are relatively new, you can undertake this procedure.

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