How to Avoid Hidden Fees in Online Booking Offices

Looking for the right hotel is made easier thanks to online booking. With it, you can browse different hotels, evaluate each of them, and book a room without leaving your home.

Online booking is a convenient way to book a hotel accommodation. With a meeting scheduling software, all online activities involved in making reservations are made in just a few clicks of the mouse; fast and easy.

While it’s true that this new method of booking has many advantages, you might find that it also has its drawbacks. Let’s look at the whole process of booking online: If you check the website of a particular hotel, you will get all the important information you need like room rates, available rooms and the different features and accommodations offered by the hotel. The room scheduling system can help you select the right room. After deciding what room to take, you will be given the rate. However, the rate you get online will no longer be the same rate that you will get overnight. Usually, there are hidden fees that will be added to your hotel bill, and this can hurt your budget.

To avoid paying these hidden fees, you should at least know the things for which you will be paying.

1. Telephone Charges – Using the hotel’s landline is not free. Ask the front desk or hotel staff about telephone charges before you use the hotel’s phone. It’s better if you use your cell phone when you make necessary calls.

2. Room Service – A room service charge is added to your bill whenever you request for it. To avoid these charges, pack some food and drinks so that you will have something to eat if you’re hungry or when you just feel like eating. If you forget to bring food, better go out and find a restaurant or any food chain where you can buy something to eat.

3. Internet Access – Avoid using internet access in your room, especially when the hotel does not specify that wifi deployment is not free. Otherwise, an additional charge per day will most probably be added to your total bill. Instead, you can go to the hotel’s lobby where you can use a free internet access. Your other option would be to go to a nearby coffee shop where you can use their internet access for free.

4. Mini Bar – Always bring with you something to eat so that you will not be tempted to get the food at the mini bar. The mini bar in your own room will be filled with things you can eat and drink, but they will cause you a fortune. Whatever stuff you eat or drink will be charged and added to your bill.

5. Bellman – Getting the services of a bellman would also mean additional charges. You have to give this bellman tips for services they have rendered.

6. Resort Fees – Verify first if using the hotel’s swimming pool and other amenities is complimentary or not. This will spare you the burden of having a resort fee included in your bill

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