Key Attributes of Great Web Design

In an age where people are staying online for a greater part of the day, an average website just won’t cut it. Research shows that 5 in 6 people visit a company’s website before they make a purchasing decision. When making a decision, a consumer will take into account several factors which include usability, experience and accessibility of your website.

Your website is the core of your business. It is the first step towards putting up a successful marketing strategy. That is why you a website that delivers. Whoever you choose to build your website, they should be able to build a website that is not only attractive but also responsive and functional. If you have a business in Melbourne, you need web design packages that will help you take it to the next level. 

A good Web design company should be able to deliver websites with the following attributes.

1. A Visual Spark

Any website needs to have a visual spark that appeals to visitors, something that catches their eye and gets them hooked to remain there long enough to make a transaction. Also, the internet is a visual medium which needs images and videos without being overdone. To create a visual spark, a web designer needs to include things such as photo galleries, slideshows and even YouTube videos.

2. Aesthetics

Your website has to look good, period. However, it is very important to keep in mind the usability and not just sacrifice it for appearance’s sake. Your Melbourne web designer should ensure that the design leads the eye to the most important item to the auxiliary ones. They should use colours and images for calls to action. A professional, modern appearance can build trust immediately. There are endless possibilities but a carefully designed website will create trust and even guide visitors into taking action.

3. Organization

Everything in a web site should have a logical place. This is important in helping your clients find anything they are looking for easily. Site navigation should be on a consistent and logical place on every page. When designing websites, a designer should make it apparent what the main content on the page is and what is complementary. The designer needs to know that everything on the pages is there for a specific purpose. You only have seconds to make a good first impression, which is why it is important to ensure that the organization makes sense.

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