Linkedin marketing Strategy 2016

Social media marketing has emerged big time in recent years. Its success rate is also quite brilliant. In most of the cases, it is more successful than normal or formal marketing. The social media platforms are increasing day by day providing opportunity to market in the easiest of ways. The whole world is connected through social media so nobody can deny the importance of social media marketing. Linkedin is one of the social media platforms which have a huge success rate. Different then certain other social media platforms like Facebook or twitter etc. but have a very significant impact on marketing. This platform by definition is actually made for business. Linkedin is an awesome place for B2B marketers as well.

LinkedIn is exploding with popularity, and with LinkedIn Today, it can send loads of high quality traffic and customers.

Best Practices for Linkedin Marketing

These are considered as best practices for Linkedin marketing:

  • This is important that you should schedule 1 post per weekday
  • The length of the post you create are ~25 words
  • Post morning to midday, Monday through Friday
  • Write updates that contain industry insights

Distribution of content

This is an important factor that how well you distribute your content. Here are few points mentioned that will help you n distributing content.

  • Your main focus should be to keep in touch with your target audience and the best way to do it is to maintain and update your status regularly. Whenever you share an update, your message is then broadcast to all of your network connections. 
  • Another powerful way to distribute content on LinkedIn is through the publishing platform. You should define your purpose and should have a clear focus.

Linkedin Followers

Followers on every social media platform are very important. The more followers you have, the more your success rate will be. In the same way Linkedin followers play a significant role in the business success. The main thing is increasing your Linkedin followers.

There are many ways to increase your followers. Some increase it through hard work and giving lot of time to it and some get it through a little effort by purchasing it. More than 300 million people are using LinkedIn now days. It is a professional network that is growing every second. When you buy LinkedIn connections from a service provider, you will be able to do a lot of things. The service providers will promote your profile on your own LinkedIn network to get you the best professionals. You are not just buying connections; you are giving yourself a chance to get promoted in your professional life. You will see engagement in your profile.

Companies with LinkedIn company pages

Here provided a list of companies which have awesome Linkedin company pages.

  • Coca-Cola company page has huge traffic on it. The LinkedIn drives traffic for it big time.
  • AppleOne is another company rather an employment agency. It can simply push their job openings on Linkedin and call it a day.
  • BlackRock estimated that Linkedin was driving $17-18 million dollars for the financial investment company.

In the same way, there are a lot of examples available that are generating high revenue.

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