Official Launch of Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

imagesRecently it is leaked that Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy Ace 3. It has 4-inch display of WVGA LCD with the middling about 800 x 480p resolution. This features the average array of the inward which is wrapped within the design which arcs back to Samsung Galaxy S3. It is actually quite larger than the Galaxy Ace 2 which is about 3.8 inch. The screen of Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 also features the exact resolution like the last model. It has some images which can benefit the buyers. It is almost 10mm thick and also weight 119.5g.

Best Features

The best feature of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 has the Google’s brand new Android Jelly Bean OS 4.2 and the 1.2 GHz processor of dual core. It has 1GB RAM and 1800mAH Lithium Ion battery. The camera of Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is about 5 mega pixel which has VGA snapper front facing. It is available in 4G and 3G LTE forms. Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 has a specs sheet which is rounded with usual Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity choices. It has 8GB internal storage. This Smartphone has MicroSD which can expand the internal storage.

Applications of Smartphone

This device can be also pre-loaded with the features of Samsung. The applications like S Travel, S Voice, Samsung Hub, S Translator, Smart Stay, Easy Mode and the Samsung ChatOn. In terms of the sensors, this device can come with the Digital Compass, AGPS connectivity, Accelerometer and Proximity. The price is not yet confirmed yet by the Samsung. Recently, they have announced many products. But the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is the most waited product. It is a mid-range smartphone of Android. The press shots are leaked quite earlier. The specifications and the look of this device are in sync with the rumors.

New Member of Samsung Family

TheSamsung Galaxy Ace 3 is a brand new member of the family of Galaxy. The camera of this smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 has a wonderful feature that is sound and shot. This device can capture the best photo and the best shot in all the Galaxy devices. This phone has dual SIM options as per the announcement and will be available soon in some markets. The expandable memory of this device is almost 64 GB. The Wi-Fi connectivity is absolutely direct, and it is about 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz. The USB of Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is about 2.0.

Third Series

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is the 3rd smartphone of the series of Galaxy Ace. The company has already launched almost 2 versions of this phone. One of them is absolutely compatible with the 3G network, and another is with the 4G for some different markets. It has a touchscreen like all the Samsung smartphones. It has a LED flash in the rear camera. The pixel density is about 233ppi. It also has the TouchWiz of UI processor. This is announced in the 20th June event. Samsung has assured that it will explore all the Android secrets in this smartphone.

Tagline of Samsung

The Samsung tagline is also very interesting which says about enjoying the brand new essentials of mobile. This smartphone also offer powerful performance and also aimed in performing all intensive data tasks. This works efficiently and faster than the predecessors. People can have brilliant experience while viewing it. People can play games, watch movies and also enjoy some smart features. This smartphone can be really good device for video calling. The specs of hardware also equipped with the plethora. This has some smart features like Buddy Photo Share, Photo Sphere, Gesture Typing, DayDream and many more.

Good Specs

This LTE model can boast some good specs. This can be the model of GT-S7270. This also has A-GPS or GILONASS. The accessible memory of user in this device is almost 1.77GB. The design of this device is subtly shifted to the mirror which has the flagship like Samsung Galaxy S4. But it has some major upgraded internal specs in the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3. This also represents some subtle advancement in the model of last year. It is also a very increasing some basic move for the entry level of smartphones. It can be also used with the single level of configurations.

Leaked Pictures

The pictures of this new smartphone have some smooth and curved corners. It is heard that this Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 smartphone is going to hit some selected markets nearly end of July of this year. The June event is going to witness the launch of many smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is going to launch in 2 models. One model no is GT-S7272 which has dual SIM and another model is GT-S7270 that has single SIM. The dimension is about 121.2 x 62.7 x 9.79 mm. This smartphone has some add-ons like HSDPA which is about 14.4 Mbps.

Other Options

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 also has HSUPA that has about 5.76 Mbps. The color variants of this smartphone are Red Wine, Pure White and Black. The display is really pretty and also the first hint for buyers. Samsung always explore stunning handset, which attracts all kinds of buyers. The best feature of this handset is that it can show some nifty features which can provide travel information and translations. This can show the place where you may want to go or your exact position. This smartphone has GPS system and can show the direction of the road.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 has the smart stay characteristic which can help in extending the battery life with the help of monitoring the eyes and also shutting the display off when you will look away. The dimension of Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is wise. This smartphone is basically from the mobile maker of South Korea. This can show impressive features for the smartphone lovers who generally prefer devices of some top brands. This smartphone can perform computing functions very smoothly. The RAM also helps to perform in the computing power and multitasking performance. The camera of Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 has some supporting features like auto focus, digital zoom and many more.

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