Predicting The Future of Mobile Games

mobile-gamesTo say that the popularity of mobile gambling games will falter anytime soon (approximately three to five years) is a very immature statement. Even though a myriad of people believe that playing real money via online gambling games on their mobile phone or tablet has become a fad in the 21st century, many are pessimistic about it and believe that their level of popularity will soon depreciate.

On one hand, online gambling antagonists believe that gaming enthusiasts are just say, overwhelmed of this kind of technology and they will become fed up and will eventually turn to other modes of entertainment.

On the other hand, the protagonists claim that the only reason mobile gambling was not a hit decades ago was because of the fact that the technology back then was not as sophisticated as they are nowadays. Also, premier gambling companies such as were not present back then that is why the popularity of mobile gambling became a bit stagnant.

Recent Developments

However because of recent developments such as the proliferation of iOS, Android, and Windows (products), the popularity of mobile gambling soared to unimaginable heights. In fact, having a smart phone or tablet with huge touch screens became a norm for video game enthusiasts of different ages.

Because of the said progress, even the head honchos of established game console manufacturers such as Nintendo and Sony are worried that the rapid growth of technological mediums are closing the gap between compact gaming platforms like the PSP.

After a closer look, it seems that the mobile gaming antagonists do not have their facts straight and their prediction is utterly wrong. One does not have to be genius to understand present-day audience gamers are embracing mobile gaming.

The iOS Potential

Another good piece of news is the fact that several online slots casino games have been developed for iOS products. While a number of online developers are being turned off by Apple’s strict terms and conditions. It would only be a matter of time before they bend their rules to cater the said developers. Any time soon, iOS users will enjoy exciting and fun-filled casino-inspired games like those that use Android products.

Perhaps the strict guidelines with regard to developing games contributed to the Android’s upsurge in the mobile phone market. Also, another advantage that Android carries is the fact that its platform can be used in different mobile phone units like Sony Ericson, Samsung, LG, and Motorolla, among others.

Regardless of the said information, the fact that a number of games are slowly being introduced in the iOS platform is good news for Apple enthusiasts (and the whole gaming community in general) who are longing to get their hands on their favorite online casino game.

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