SEO Mistakes Small Business Websites Should Avoid

Every once in a while, everyone makes SEO mistakes. If you run a small business website with a small number of employees, you may be susceptible to these mistakes than most. So, here is a list of SEO mistakes all small businesses must avoid at all costs:

Not Making Websites Mobile Responsive

Search Engine Optimization is no longer limited to desktops. A large number of online purchases are made from handheld devices. Therefore, one of the foremost SEO steps your business takes should be to make your website mobile responsive. Choose a responsive theme that is easy to optimize. Once you have done do, you can go on optimizing the theme for mobile web. It’s largely similar to optimizing for desktops, such as improving page speed. However, responsiveness must be there in the first place. It’s not that expensive to make a website mobile responsive. There are plenty of highly responsive web themes you can get for free. So, do not make this mistake.

Aiming for High Keyword Density Levels

In the past, including too many keywords was called keyword stuffing. Nowadays, experts refer to an acceptable keyword density level. Most companies are told to include keywords in everything, including content and page titles. You should do these things. However, when you do so, you must keep the keyword density in mind. Once all the keywords have been included, the keyword density on each page should not exceed five percent. Also, it should not dip below one percent because that means there aren’t enough keywords for the optimization to be effective. So, learn to choose a few keywords and use them strategically to get the best benefits. Do not go overboard when using keywords.

Not Choosing Local Keywords

Doing keyword research right is very important to getting your SEO strategy right. Do not automatically choose trending keywords in your content. Rather, you should use relevant keywords that resonate the most with your target audience. This includes using local keywords. Most small businesses are based at small localities or cities. So, the priority should be given to targeting these local customers. That means using the right amount of relevant local keywords. For example, if your company sells ice cream in Dubai, the keywords should include Dubai. Otherwise, the optimization would only appeal to a generic audience. Local keywords are also very important to mobile searches. Google, for example, prioritizes local websites over general ones when people search for things like “restaurants” on their handheld devices. So, do not overlook the appeal of local keywords.

Skipping Meta Descriptions

Never skip on adding Meta descriptions. These should be included for everything on your site, including images and other components. The 156-character Meta description is important for both search engines and web users. Web users do read this small description when scrolling down search results. If the description is rich in target keywords, your site will get better rankings and also attract attention.

Having Subpar Page Titles

Page titles are not just placeholder text. They play an important role in getting your site ranked. Search engine algorithms crawl through page titles when ranking content relevant to a search query. Also, unique page titles are given priority by both search engines and web users. So, make sure you write an excellent page title that at least has one target keyword.

Next time you are editing your small business website, make sure you avoid making the above mistakes.



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