Significant Advantages Of Using Jquery Mobile API

indexWith Jquery Mobile API, you can customize your mobile website. With API it is possible to hook into events, custom set up global options and undertake work with exposed methods. API helps you to alter the way Jquery Mobile works by default. Jquery Mobile API documentation can help you to change how Jquery behaves by default. Certain global options are available through Jquery Mobile API. Changes can be brought about by extending the initializing event. Custom namespaces can be created by Jquery mobile API. Page initialization can be undertaken with Jquery Mobile API. The subpage URL Key can be customized.

Extending events with Jquery Mobile API

Jquery Mobile API can be used to set default pages and dialog transitions. Loading and error messages can be customized. It supports both touch and mouse events that are related to Jquery. It makes the events compatible across various browsers and platforms. Following types of events can be extended by using Jquery mobile API:

  • Several touch events can be customized with Jquery Mobile. When a user interacts with a touch device, the events are available. A custom JavaScript such as tap and swipe can be triggered.
  • On smartphones an orientation event which triggers when the device is rotated.
  • Jquery mobile also helps events to scroll where Javascript codes start running when users scroll a page.

Important functions

With the use of exposed methods which can be undertaken with Jquery mobile API we can undertake the following functions:

  • It is possible to change pages programmatically. Loading one page after the other as page transition takes place is easy. Hyperlinks and form submissions can also be used.
  • It enables work with utility methods. Several in-built utility functions are included when a website is developed through Jquery.
  • Loading pages without displaying them are enabled. This ensures that the pages are quickly uploaded as soon as the user clicks a link.

Make the best use of API

You can make the best use of API and customize the framework to work by default. Page loading on websites can be speeded up. You can design a website that reacts fast to the interaction that takes place with the clients. AJAX powered navigation is provided by Jquery mobile which can support transitions of animated pages. While creating a mobile application, it is important to add content to the container. Custom styles can be added to create layouts that you have planned for your website.

Embarking upon Jquery mobile

To get started on Jquery mobile, you can download the codes and create your own Jquery page. After the basic document is ready, you have to design the layout. It is important to note that, in Jquery mobile, the pages are separated from each other with divs. You can write codes which to add a header, footer and high quality content. You can add multiple pages within the same document. The page id’s make a big difference. Jquery mobile draws the first page automatically and displays it on an iPhone. To work on the Jquery projects which your web design company undertakes these facts can prove useful.

The Jquery mobile framework has been built on the concepts of Jquery core. With an understanding of Jquery, it is easy to work with Jquery mobile. It has been seen that Jquery mobile framework is highly compatible with the desktop and mobile applications. You can make use of Jquery thermorollers to build custom widgets. As you use Jquery Mobile, you will find that the pages slid smoothly. You can enhance the functionality with hyperlinks as you use Jquery mobile API.

Author Bio: Greg is the owner of a web design company who had planned to train his designers on how to make the best use of Jquery mobile API. The designers of the firm have learnt the concepts ina short span of time.


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