The Escalation of E- Commerce

A shopping cart can be defined as an integral part of e-commerce in a web server that allows the online buyers to an internet site to choose the items for purchase. The items provided are described symbolically by placing the items in the shopping cart or in add to cart. They specifically provide the in dept details of each and every item, like in case of any jewelry online shopping website, it shows the real time price of the metals (like gold, silver etc.).

In the online shopping facility the advent of internet shopping cart is used as medium of selection of items by the buyer for its eventual purchase. It helps the buyers to separate out their choices in a virtual basket. Thus the shopping cart is also termed as a shopping basket, entirely a shortened form of websites. The software permits the customers to go for online shopping by accumulating a list of items for purchase. Then the software characteristically calculates a total amount for the order, which includes shipping and handling charges and the associated taxes, as applicable for the product.

Various companies had been operating to provide e – commerce facilities to its customers. Secure Net Shop is a company who has been providing website shopping cart solutions and merchant account services since the year 1997. After they have been successful in developing the same they have developed the shopping cart system for the public. In the modern era where online shopping is growing at an alarming rate, the related retailers are getting a positive response for their effort. It is estimated that the demand for e – commerce will be increasing to 10 times in the coming few years.

Now the recent discovery of commerce shopping cart facility has been assisting to a large extent in the smooth performance of the online shopping. It is a well known fact that if any customer does not get a sensible experience from the shopping cart of a particular website then the company who is running the website will undoubtedly lose its customer as the customers will have the option to immediately switch to some other online shopping cart website.

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