The Importance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Site

Now that we’re well into the twenty-first century, most businesses have got to grips with the wonder that is the World Wide Web and have put together a decent website for themselves. If you’re hoping to keep building your brand, however, it’s time to think mobile. Here are the top five reasons to make your website mobile-friendly.


1. Mobile Devices Are Everywhere

Smartphones, tablets and e-readers are everywhere and getting cheaper every year, while mobile internet sources are becoming more and more reliable. This means that the number of people using the internet on the go is going to keep increasing. By tapping into this audience, you can increase the number of hits your site gets significantly.

2. It’s Affordable

Unless you’re a web designer yourself, building a great website can involve a certain outlay. Adapting your site for mobile access, however, is a relatively fast and cheap job. Choose a web design company with experience in creating mobile-friendly websites to make sure that yours stands out. A good mobile designer will know to keep the page size small for fast loading and keep text to a minimum.

3. Make It Easy for Your Customers

It comes as no great surprise that mobile screens differ in size and shape from regular computer screens. If you’ve ever viewed a site on a mobile screen that hasn’t been adapted for the purpose, you’ll know how strange and disjointed they can look. The links are not easily accessible, and it is difficult to find the section of the site you’re looking for. When using the internet on the go, efficiency and ease of use are more important than ever. For example, a potential client searching in a hurry will not waste time scrolling through an illegible site for opening hours when he can find the information much more quickly on another company’s mobile-friendly site. You want to provide your customers with an efficient service, and that service should start from the moment they select your link.

4. Local Connections

With the development of GPS, mobile users are able to find the type of business they’re looking for and track down the one that is closest to them. From the search listings the potential client can select the link and check out the mobile site. If the mobile site is up to scratch and the contact details up to date, a new customer can be added to the client base.

5. New Technology

Every year incredible new technology makes it easier for businesses and customers to connect. One interesting development is the 2D bar code. While there are fewer of these in circulation since the boom shortly after their launch, these are still valuable resources. These bar codes allow smartphone users to ‘scan’ an image of a barcode and have access to brand information, special offers and more. 2D bar codes are a fun way for customers to interact with a new brand. By embracing new technology, businesses are able to connect more easily, and more directly, with their customers.

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