The Point and Purpose of Software Testing

Why worry about testing software? A lot of business and corporations overlook and under-value the concept of software testing, simply because they don’t understand it’s purpose within the life cycle and development of a business. It’s true that software testing can be both costly and timely, but the important thing to focus on is the value and advantages that it can bring. So, what is software testing?

In basic terms, software testing is an action that is performed to verify that the software package in question functions according to the expectations laid out by the specifications or requirements of that software. The objective isn’t to find every possible bug or issue that could exist, but to track down situations that could have a negative impact on your customer, maintainability, and usability.

Why is Software Testing Important?

The primary reason why software testing is crucial, is that human beings make mistakes. Some of those mistakes may have very little impact on the rest of our lives, or our businesses, but some can be incredibly dangerous and expensive. Because of this, we need to be sure that anything and everything we produce works according to plan, since things can always go wrong and unforeseen circumstances can occur at any time. Software testing can:

·  Ensure the satisfaction of the customer

·  Point out any errors or defects made during development

·  Test the quality of the product – therefore allowing you to gain customer confidence

·  Provide facilities for reliable, consistent results

·  Offer an effective performance of software applications

Some Items that Commonly Go Wrong

Building a website is complicated enough, but the real challenge lies in making sure that website is usable. The problem for many web developers and designers is that they forget to double-check their work, and focus too heavily on creativity over usability and practicality.

One of the things that can regularly go wrong in web development is placement of the search box. The Internet can be regarded like an archive of information, which means no matter what your presence online looks like, a search box is essential. If the search box is accidentally hidden within the website, visitors may end up going elsewhere to look for what they want.

A Different Platform

Another consistent issue is that a website is not responsive when a user attempts to access it from another platform. For example, a website layout may work perfectly on a computer, however when a user attempts to log on from their smartphone, the text is hard to read, links become difficult to click, and the format is completely out of scale.

This may not seem like a big problem to some companies, but in an age when you either have to be mobile, or become penalized by Google, responsivity is something that needs to be constantly checked.

Software testing makes sure that all of the different aspects you have chosen to use within your web development are working just as you want them to. This provides your users, customers, and clients with better usability, and enhanced functionality.

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