Tips in Making Your Meeting More Interactive

Conducting a meeting is very challenging as you need to plan thoroughly to make it successful. Without proper planning, the meeting may end up boring. For managers, it’s crucial to make team meetings worthwhile, productive and interactive.

To make the meeting interactive, there should be proper discussion, sharing of information, learning and collaborating, creating of new ideas and socializing; all of which should be geared towards making a good decision and solving problems. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

  1. Start the meeting correctly.

To get the attention of the attendees, it’s important to start the meeting with a bang. You can simply give a quick quiz, tell a story or crack a controversial statement that will encourage the people to discuss. You can also ask what they expect during the meeting and let each person write down expectations or objectives.

  1. Get people to move.

It’s important to make the attendees feel comfortable and it’s equally okay to allow them to move. You must assign a section of the meeting that will allow people to change positions. You must do this especially when the meeting is long. The comfort of the attendees will great affect their interest on the meeting and the simplest way to encourage them to interact in discussions, is to give them the idea that they have the freedom to do so.

  1. Require everyone to share their views.

In most cases, not all the attendees are willing to participate in a meeting’s discussions. To make the meeting successful and to obtain ideas or feedback from the attendees, you can require them to share their opinions on the topic discussed. There are different techniques to do this; one of which is writing the topic on cards, letting them analyze it and allowing them to present their insights about it.

  1. Encourage the attendees to show their feelings about the meeting.

This technique can be tricky as you need to create dialogues that will stimulate their feelings. Using picture cards is recommended as they can motivate the attendees to bring up their feelings and come up with more ideas.

  1. Show what other people think.

Stimulating the attendees to think won’t make the meeting boring. Show what other people are thinking by using display boards or pinboards. You can also allow them to point out the ideas that appeal to them most.

  1. Integrate some learning.

Holding a meeting is not all about telling everyone inside the room what they need to do. It’s also necessary to give them something to learn through a team activity. Let them generate actions to keep the team functioning well.

  1. Build a consensus.

The main objective of a meeting is to build consensus; otherwise, the meeting would be a waste of time and effort. See to it that all the attendees inside the room agree on the decision made.

Practicing the tips cited above can help managers or leaders in organizing successful meetings. Still, facilitating a meeting is easier said than done. So if you think you’re in need of help, you can always use a room scheduling software to ensure that the entire meeting flow smoothly.

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