Using Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for web designing

As a web designer you often have to make quick changes to your clients’ websites on the go, which can mean in the car, on a plane, or at a conference. It is also convenient if you can simply use a laptop or other mobile device to write your code, but laptops are fairly cumbersome and a smartphone just won’t do!

This is where the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 can make all the difference, because it has enough functionality to make web design on the fly, as easy as 1-2-3. So here are the benefits of using the Surface Pro 4 for web designers, who wish to still work on their tasks while on the go.

Transfer easily to a tablet from a laptop mode

Instead of lugging a heavy laptop around to client meeting, just take the Surface Pro 4. You can easily switch between showing your clients their new website on the 12.3 inch PixelSense HD touchscreen from a laptop mode. With a detachable keyboard and multi-purpose kickstand you can make the required changes and present the updates then and there.

This transformation between laptop and tablet provides an increased level of flexibility to your work, which makes you appear more professional, frees up your time, and gives you more options to where you take your work.

Just as good as a PC – only portable

With a 6th Gen Intel Core processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD Hard Drive, USB slots, PixelSense touchscreen, rear 8MP camera, 5MP front facing camera, the latest Windows 10 OS, and a 9-hour battery life, you could have a web design business on the go.

Opening different browsers and applications all at once has never been this smooth on a tablet, thanks to the Surface Pro 4. The Surface Pro 4 has increased its functionality to the point where you don’t need a physical office, you just need a Surface Pro 4 and an open road.

You can even use the Surface Pro pen to design your wire frames by hand, as most designers still like to do from time to time. Without a doubt, the Surface Pro 4 will make a huge difference to your daily work.

This is a complete work station that is fully portable and extremely light weight. It can be easily popped into your briefcase when travelling and gives you the functionality of a complete web design business at your fingertips. You can even purchase a docking station specifically for the Surface Pro 4 and transform it into a multimedia workstation as well.

So if you are stuck in your office all day or lugging around cumbersome laptops to see clients, then a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 might be the reset button your business needs – know more about Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at Harvey Norman.

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