Web Design Tips for an Improved SEO

voip-1SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is what affects the visibility of a website. For an improved SEO, it is essential to have an exact and proper web design . The target of such a web designing is to get a higher rank for the page thus fulfilling the purpose of creating a website in the first place. Although it is not something that can be mastered overnight, here are some tips that will help you with your web designing for an improved SEO:

  • Research on the Keywords:  While optimising the site, it is of utmost importance to make the content rich in keywords. However, one should always go for such keywords that are commonly used in the search engines. The keyword should appear in the first few words of the content or else readers usually lose patience. It is not sufficient to use the keywords alone in the content. The content should be relevant to the keywords used and only then will it be worthwhile to read. It is also advisable to have contents relevant to the main topic of the website. This will avoid the discontent of a surfer who visits your site for celebrity gossip but instead ends up reading essays on environmental issues.
  • Building reliable links: With the algorithm for determining page rank in “Google Page Rank” changing continuously, the aim to acquiring a higher rank for your page will be unfulfilled if you are unable to build reliable links. It is advisable to use reputable sites (dealing with similar topics as your site) and niche directories to redirect followers to your website. There are numerous SEO tools that allow you to check the number of links other such popular sites have and that in turn will help you to design a better website.
  • Redefine your codes: It is essential for your website to be easy enough for the search engines to understand. This requires the website to be updated on a regular basis to reduce formatting in the in the HTML page code.
  • Improve navigation: It is important to make navigation plain and simple for the followers. This involves using sitemaps. The sitemap crawls from search engines to efficiently search every page of your website in a jiffy. Thus, it makes your website user friendly, reducing the number of clicks.
  • Role of the social media: Technically speaking it is not the SEO but the social media that actually redirects followers to your website. They can be immensely effective in the advertisement of your site. You can also take part in the online discussions which automatically will redirect the followers of the discussion to your website.
  • Domain names must contain keywords: The domain name may not contain all the important keywords just for the sake of using keywords. Rather it is important for the domain name to be meaningful with the most important keywords tactfully infused in it.
  • Using headings, bullets and underlines: To make the content interesting it is wise to use meaningful and appropriate headings as well as bullets and underlines for the most important points. These are the few things that a reader will first eye on and then decide whether the content is worth reading or not.


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