Web Development Mistakes Small Companies Make

Although web development should be solely the work of the developer, when dealing with smaller firms we do have a clear input that appears. Because of that input and the lack of desire for the developer to point out mistakes, various faulty products reach the market. The truth is that web development is now much more complicated than it used to be. Make sure that you take a look at the following development mistakes since they have to be avoided at all times.

Not Having Proper Authorization For Authentication

Because of a wish to hurry the development process we see many small companies out there that do not pay close attention to the authentication and authorization factors. In fact, in many cases they do not even know exactly what these two terms mean. You should know the following definitions:

  • Authentication – This verifies that the user is exactly how he claims by offering the necessary security credentials like fingerprint scanning, security questions answers and passwords.
  • Authorization – Confirms the fact that a user has the proper access to the resource or that permission is granted in order to perform a specific action.

Not Being Ready For Scaling

The internet definitely changed the way in which we do business and small companies end up growing so much faster than what they anticipated. It is really important that you are focused on what will happen in the future and you have to be prepared. Since growth is almost always an important goal of a smaller company, it is obvious that you want to be prepared for that growth.

A common web development mistake is to not create the necessary infrastructure necessary for future growth. Scaling is definitely a thing that many teams end up taking for granted. You want to be sure that the developer will create the structure that is needed to basically keep growing, no matter what happens.

Missing Or Wrong Search Engine Optimization

You can create the best possible online product and not have any success if people do not find it with the use of search engines. We should never neglect the importance of SEO for anything that is present on the internet. Many think that search engine optimization is only about the backlinks that are going to be gained in the future. This is incorrect. Correct SEO starts with the work that is done on the site/online application that is created. Never start web development projects in the event that search engine optimization work is not properly included.

Lack Of Bandwidth Usage Optimizing

Most of the testing and development will happen in local networks. That means that the bandwidth available is normally a lot higher than what would be present in the online environment. Unfortunately, when translating the application from the local network testing phase to the online application phase the bandwidth is sometimes not optimized. That can be especially damaging in the event that we have files that are way too large. Always remember this thing since it is really important.

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