What 3D Printing Could Mean for Your Business

You’ve probably heard about 3D printing, it’s been gaining its fair deal of press recently. You may find it interesting but don’t think it’s relevant for yourbusinesses, but this is where you could be greatly mistaken. There are many benefits that this innovative technology can have for entrepreneurs, whether you work from home, have a brick and mortar business or run an online business.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing uses technology and materials ranging from living cells to titanium. While there are different types of materials and even printers available to use they all have one thing in common. Each printer is able to create a physical object in 3D from a 3D object file. They follow the instructions contained in the object file to lay down layers and layers of the chosen material until it forms the completed object.


This technology is not really new; in fact it has been around for almost three decades. Many businesses have been using the technology to print off their prototypes since the 1980’s. There have been several changes in 3D printing though, and as a result the costs have been reduced, making it affordable for the masses and not just those businesses with deep pockets.

Why Use 3D Printing at all?

One of the main advantages to using this technology is the speed of which you can now produce prototypes to help you test and develop new designs. You can even use the parts that are going to be used in the final product so it’s possible to have a real understanding and actually touch the end product before you take it into production. What’s more the cost of creating these prototypes is far more affordable than traditional methods. There are other reasons why 3Dprinting could be of use to you. One of these is the ability to customise products, adding extra value in a fast and cost effective manner.

How are Other Small Businesses using 3D Printing?

The most common ways this technology is being used by small businesses are:

Prototype creation

Artistic rendering

Promotional materials

Consumers (including entrepreneurs) are also making use of the technology too. This has been made possible by the many 3D printing services that are making it so accessible to everyone, such as those offered by Rapid 3D. There’s no need to buy your own printer, you can place an order and have yourdesign printed and delivered in a surprisingly short timeframe. There’s no need to try and justify the expense of the printer and it also provides a great way to gain access to this technology and try before you buy.

The good news is 3D printing isn’t a fad, it has the interest of the public and businesses and thanks to increased affordability it appears it’s only going to continue growing. As a business it’s high time you looked at how your business can make use of this technology to increase your bottom line and explore new opportunities.

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